View Full Version : cant give rep

10-14-2005, 12:24 PM
heres the system from what i heard from Aka:

"Hi, nice to see you here on bwh. Reminds me of my old self, serious! thats why i message you. :lol:

First, about reputation cards, you wont be giving green onces if your post count is below 50. You have given out grey ones. Others might mistaken it as a 'poor/bad' reputation, which in fact is it not. Heres how the reputation system works here :

Your reputation giving point is now 0.

First, 50 counts+, +1 rep (can give green/red ones)
for every 1000 posts, +1 rep.
every addational rep card you receive (100 points), +1 rep.

Which means some can give you many points of reputation while some can only give a few.

:w00t: if theres anything else, do message me, i'll explain to you. Enjoy"

Now I recently gave rep and its still a gray... I have 130-140 posts and 3 Rep.

I believe it might be beacuase of my low amount of rep but that then brings up a troubling glitch which allows anyone who can give rep (most likely a person whos new and was just able to give rep) to screw over some 1 who gives 1 rep and still has 10 rep pts or just became able to give rep.