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05-24-2008, 06:18 PM
Step 1 Follow the tut here on how to use winmpq http://www.bwhacks.com/forums/mods-mapping-tutorials/24125-how-winmpq.html and have the jist of how it works you will need to extract the sound file you want to replace
*you don't really need to extract the file I simply do it so I can keep track of the name easier*


Step 2
make the sound file you want for mine I made a .wav saying "I'm not that kind of orc." Make sure you name your .wav after the one you want to replace

Step 3
Create a new mpq and select the file you want to add, and just like the first tutorial you have to have it in the right place.
it should look something like this


Step 4 Close winmpq and follow the tut http://www.bwhacks.com/forums/mods-mapping-tutorials/24126-how-mpqdraft.html for loading your new mpq

*note you can replace more then one sound file at a time, just make sure that you name the files the same so it will load properly
*attached is the mpq I made replacing the "SCV good to go sir" with "I'm not that kind of orc"

05-28-2008, 12:41 AM
Hey thanks for this awesome tutorial! I think I can have quite a lot of fun with this one.