View Full Version : creating a music video with clips, stills, etc., some specific questions

04-30-2008, 11:45 PM
Mods, if you think this belongs in the tech. help section please go ahead and move it and sorry for mis-posting it here. I thought about posting this in the Technical Help forum but decided this particular question, while centered around what type of software is right for me, is probably more art-content based given that I am trying to do very specific things with the media in question.

I plan on taking clips and stills from a DVD ripped into AVI format. I want both the abilities to mute the sound from the original DVD-AVI file and to leave it in and edit it. I am going to be arranging the clips and stills to an mp3 which will be playing the whole time, but I also want the ability to edit the mp3 and be able to raise and lower its volume, mess with an equalizer on it, and be able to use custom sound effects with it like warping, slowing, etc.

Given all of these requirements I have been considering using either Avid Express Pro or Sony Vegas which I am currently dling but will take a while via torrent. Which of these, or is there another program that I am not considering, will be best at accomplishing what I am trying to do? Please keep in mind I have never done video editing before so I don't want to be overwhelmed with needless options, but since I am not computer illiterate by any means I am not considering Windows Movie Maker.