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06-24-2007, 03:31 PM
I found my text file that contained my old signature and I thought I'd post it up and move it to the archives.

If you have any funny Akazukin quotes from BWH, IRC, Shout Box, etc., feel free to PM me, or contact me on AIM. This sig will be updated on a regular basis.

[Today 12:53 PM] Akazukin: dt, I really love you. Please make a reply here. Say 'meow' also can.

[Today 12:47 PM] LCSBSSRHXXX: cats have claws dumbass
[Today 12:46 PM] Akazukin: they have 4 I think
[Today 12:46 PM] Evil_sinz: cats dont have fingers
[Today 12:46 PM] Akazukin: you americans have watch too much porn.
[Today 12:46 PM] Akazukin: poke as in gentle finger touch
[Today 12:45 PM] Evil_sinz: why do I feel dirty reading this?
[Today 12:45 PM] Akazukin: then poke poke each other's face happily
[Today 12:45 PM] Evil_sinz: KITTI CONDOMS
[Today 12:44 PM] LCSBSSRHXXX: then?
[Today 12:44 PM] Evil_sinz: Sunflower seeds
[Today 12:44 PM] Akazukin: kiss dt hug it and turn myself into a cat too
[Today 12:42 PM] Evil_sinz: just so I don't have to see the response
[Today 12:42 PM] Evil_sinz: im gonna go to the other tab now
[Today 12:42 PM] LCSBSSRHXXX: akazukin if dt was a cat and you had him in your arms right now what would you do?

[Today 12:35 PM] Akazukin: it's the attraction
[Today 12:35 PM] howardmeis: i have no cat, i'm a man. I have 3 DOGS. Manly pets. DOGS
[Today 12:35 PM] Akazukin: you love cats too, you touch them buy food for them, wish to be with them
[Today 12:34 PM] Training-Name: why does my winamp start playing the next song about 15 seconds before the current song is done>?
[Today 12:34 PM] howardmeis: akazukin, you've seriously made yourself look like the weirdest person on the internet, EVER
[Today 12:34 PM] Akazukin: what's wrong to love dt? : o
[Today 12:34 PM] Training-Name: thats my signature bish
[Today 12:34 PM] Evil_sinz: I didn't have much a problem with aka untill that last remark he made about dt
[Today 12:34 PM] Training-Name: **** i missed that
[Today 12:33 PM] Akazukin: It's a comfortable feeling of love, like you automatically wish to touch a cat.
[Today 12:32 PM] Training-Name: Okay, that was so gay you should have just said you wanted to make his penis go limp.
[Today 12:32 PM] Akazukin: If you all don't know what is love and trust, you're just wasting every second when you visit a forum or accompany a friend.
[Today 12:32 PM] Akazukin: I don't care about ranks or privelleges, just wish to do things for him and be with him.
[Today 12:31 PM] Akazukin: However, I really like dt, and I see no harm to visit his site ******* and be with him. I only wish he will spend a few seconds with me.
[Today 12:31 PM] Akazukin: Many things which young adults do are for their own advantage. They don't do things like entertaining invisible characters and wasting their life-time away.

[Today 12:21 PM] Akazukin: I have a driving licence, lcs.
[Today 12:21 PM] LCSBSSRHXXX: he drives on the rainbow if u know what i mean
[Today 12:21 PM] Akazukin: left.
[Today 12:21 PM] disco: aka what side of the road do they drive on in singapore?

I love to destroy BWH.
[Today 12:18 PM] Akazukin: dt where is your cat *cries*

I will leave BWH if the following can be done :

1. Whoever hates me will post in a mature way in my next 20 threads.
2. Whoever hates me will remove my name in their signature.
3. Whoever hates me will restore themselves as mods or staffs.
[Today 12:03 PM] Akazukin: I miss cat dt : o

After a few weeks, KDS quits the staff group while I continue to add new plugs. Staffs have gave proper feedbacks, but slowly starts to flame. Frustrated because the staff members did not do what I think they are supposed to do, I insult them back, in fact all of them. I call them puppets as I feel that their rank is just for show.

Later, everyone threatens to leave. I decided to create a cooling down period. I finally deleted my admin account. Did not log in for 10 days, and starts to miss the place. I wrote to dt, saying that I miss him, and wish to be back and be with him. dt created another account for me.

When I am back, I have no privellege. I stay quiet for a couple of days. I see that hardly anyone talks about starcraft, and worse, the threads are getting boring and more meaningless.

Later, I decided to venture into another project - forum enhancement (BWH-2). It's to modify all templates, forums and usergroups. Besides that, there will be another heavy skin modification, where every page shows different gaming images to encourage more gaming discussions.

For example, you can now change the skin to "Aka - Gaming" and click "UserCP". It shows a game character, is no longer another page load and is a simple and quick pop-up.

I wish to work alone in this project since I have left a scar in all the staff member's hearts. dt decided to give me a chance, afterall, it's worth a try.

Finally, now we're at this situation where lots of disagreement still continues. It's like a triple amount of flame threads and uselss threads. I put myself in the staff's position and realised that they are probably jealous of my privelleges, and have proposed to work alone and requested everyone to stop the drama. You all know how slow I can work because I also have studies and jobs.

Ultimately, if someone could create a hack for a new game, it will put all my creations to shame. I'm happy because bulk is also creating a skin for BWH. I'll definately use it all the time.
hi, hello...
sorry to disturb, are you busy? can we play a game together? it's nice knowing you.

If by play you mean cyber and if by a game you mean in the butt then it's go time, girlie.

I finally understand that You guys are just jealous of my privelleges. Changes are no harm, they can be rollback or kept.

You can simply ask dt "How do I get more privelleges?". Else, it might be a waste of time to create all the drama.

I can also create a list of complains - The gallery sucks, the RPG script sucks, aka's skin is wasting space on BWH, aka should not be staff due to his English sucks, aka deleted his account, what if he delete our accounts? aka this and aka that. But those are excuses. You don't want to see me getting privelleges, and deep inside you wish to have more privellege for yourself.

This new account will be kept in a low profile.

Why continue to stay when everyone 'hates' me? I have a life, and I'm just visiting a website. Online rivals / enemies / friends are a joke. You need to give me a reason to stop playing a game or visitng a website. Because the game and website characters hates me? That's childish.

I did not create any dramas.
<mint2> dt, what is wrong with you, why don't you reply to me anymore?
<mint2> I log into bwh to find you all the time
<mint2> in the start I promise that to you too
<mint2> but now you didn't even reply to me? : (
<mint2> say something dt? please?
<mint2> I'll wait till you reply me
<mint2> and will not go to bed tonight.
* mint2 kneels down and wait.
<mint2> dt please reply something to me. I can't stand the pain in my heart.

<mint2> dt please
<mint2> just say hallo to me also can
* mint2 feeling sad

<mint2> dt dt dt
* mint2 fan fan dt
<mint2> dt
<mint2> type
<mint2> 'a'
<mint2> also can.
<mint2> do a reply to me? :(
<mint2> you can click post X and click post X to read
<mint2> just type 'a' to reply me
<mint2> earlier you promote perma too, it means you're not 100% busy.
<mint2> dt ? please?
<mint2> dt please reply me?
* mint2 begs
<mint2> just reply me
<mint2> just once~
<mint2> dt~
<mint2> please please
<mint2> reply me something
<mint2> I'm feeling very bad now
<mint2> miserable and sad

- I want to stay on BWH unless dt tells me to leave.
- I want to help users to create things.
- I want to feel useful, especially when a few people are using the things I've added. (the same feeling you have when you release hacks)
- I want things to go back to normal.
- I want dt to give me attention and not treating me like a nobody.

<mint2> I'm feeling sad dt. : (
<mint2> meoww meeooow meeoooooow meow. (telepathy language)
<mint2> dt try write 'meow' back once ok? it makes me smile : P
<mint2> meow meeow meooooow ?
<dt> meow
<mint2> meow meow.

Sorry I don't touch retarded sigs now.