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Utility: WinMPQ (http://shadowflare.samods.org/dwnload.html#WinMPQ) v1.64
Required files:
Visual Basic 4 runtime files (http://shadowflare.samods.org/download/Vbr4.zip)
Runtime file pack 3 (http://shadowflare.samods.org/download/RunPack3.zip)
Created by: ShadowFlare
Written by: Trans_Am77

WinMPQ is the building block of modding Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo. All 3 of those games use a file type called .mpq (Stardat.mpq/Broodat.mpq). .mpq files contain all the information that SC displays on your screen and through your speakers. It is a pretty powerful tool that is a MUST for all modders.

Step 1: Getting to know WinMPQ...
WMPQ is a pretty complex program. It has many functions that will help you in making a mod. One of theses is the MPQ embed function. It packs the MPQ files in to a user-selected .exe (i.e. Starcraft.exe).

Step 2: What can it do?

Step 2.1: Opening .mpq files...
1. Click either File>Open, Ctrl-O, or the 'Open' button on the main form.

2. When the browse box opens up, location the starcraft directory.


3. Locate the file you want to view/modify, high light it, then drag it to the folder you want it in or click MPQ>Extract, Ctrl-E, or the 'Extract' button located on the main form.


Step 2.2: Making a new MPQ file...
1. Click either File>New, Ctrl-N, or the 'New' button on the main form. When the browse boxes opens, locate the directory you want to save to and save it. The file will NOT show up in the directory until a file is added to it.


2. You should now have this:


3. To add files you can either drag the file on to the main form or click MPQ>Add, Ctrl-A, or the 'Add' button on the main form. There is also a 'Add folder' button, but we will get in to that later. When you add the file, a box will come up and ask for the folder name. This is CRUCIAL that you get the folder name right or the mod will not work! The folder name is the word before the file name (xxx/fligy.dat).


Then you'll get this:


Note: I added the 'arr/'. It will not auto add it for you, you must add it yourself.

4. congratulations! You've made your first .mpq file! You're now well on your way to becoming a Starcraft modder.


Step 2.3 Embedding a .mpq into a application(.exe)...
1. Click Tools>MPQ Embedder.

2. Click File>Open. You'll get this if there isn't a .mpq already embedded into it.


3. Then click 'Add' and locate the directory that your .mpq file is located in and select it. Once you have selected it, depending on size, it will load and your application will be ready for saveing.


4. Now click 'Save' and you're good to go! To reverse this process, simple click File>Open and click the 'Remove' button.

Step 3: Adding list files...
1. List files are the key ingredient in using WinMPQ. Without it, all the files would say 'Unknown'. First locate UED77's list file. (Uploaded below...). Now click on Options located on the main form.

2. A new form will open. Next to 'General', click the tab that says 'File Lists'. Then click 'Add List File'.


3. When the browse box opens, locate the directory you saved it in and click 'Open'. when it is all done, click 'Ok' and you will now be able to view Stardat.mpq without 'Unknown'!

Note: You have to save the text file in one spot and not move it or WinMPQ will loose track of it.

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask :biggrin:

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