View Full Version : AMD's 4x4

12-11-2006, 03:57 PM
The upcomeing 4x4 platform from amd is going to use HyperTransport Technology so it can provide high-bandwidth buses between cpu chips and chips with PCI-E components like gfx cards. the 4x4 will use unbuffered DDR2 memory each cpu core will have a dedicated channel to the system memory and each cpu will have two DIMM slots. AMD announced that its 4x4 architecture will be expandable meaning that you can get a 4x4 system taht has one dual-core CPU and then add a second dual-core CPU later on or swap out you dual-core CPUs for quad core chips. AMD said that the 4x4 system will be able to "megatask" like playing games while encoding video and audio at the same time. AMD is also gonna release new dual core cpus for the 4x4 which will be using a new socket called socket F or socket 1207 the new cpus are the FX-70 (2.6GHz), FX-72 (2.8GHz) and the FX-74 (3GHz). AMD's 4x4 will be able to work with eitehr Nvidia or ATI gfx cards.