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09-09-2006, 02:33 PM
Diablo 2 Hacks (LoD, 1.11b)

Updated on August 20, 2006

I, PoweredDeath, and blizzsector cannot be held responsible for the loss of your account and neither are the makers of any of the programs you might download from this site.

You can find the original guide here


With Blizzards new Warden module, which updates server side to identify hacks, hacks have become very hard to make and many have been banned from Diablo because of them, but don't fear, hack makers are also become smarter.

Stings Hackmap 2.4 Plugin - Detectable Reveal Act Only - Undetectable!

This one's the one I've been using for about a week (It's been out a month) and no bans yet. The trick to this map hack is that it isn't a third party program that needs to run alongside D2. Run the program, click reveal act (NOT Install Plugin), click yes (If on b.net), and click goodbye (to shut the program down). Do this as fast as possible. Or you can set it to autoreveal without iscan.

EasyPlay v 3.0 Final Detectable

"EasyPlay is back! This year's Happy Easter present is the official EasyPlay 3.0 Beta release. Sadly, (for non-donors) the infamous auto-teleport feature was removed from EasyPlay Free and an improved version was added to EasyPlay Gold. The extra server traffic generated by auto-tele on a massive free version is unacceptable, especially for Blizzard and Battle.net. Also, new Town-Vectors were added (with town-pathing for EasyPlay Gold, including auto-heal), the plugin system was re-worked, the core was stabalized and many more features were added to EPG."

EPLite Undetectable!

EPLite is EasyPlay Lite - a very simple, safe and free maphack for the Diablo II community. EPLite can reveal all maps in the entire game within a few seconds. EPLite is so easy to operate, all it requires is a few mouse-clicks. You don't need to be an experienced "hacker" to use this software. There is three simple steps to follow. For more details, view the {INSTRUCTIONS} section

Mousepad 7.2 Beta Detectable

Open beta of the maphack, no new features, just improved anti-detection.

C3PO 3.12 Detectable

My personal favorite, it has many many features and unloads before warden scans. No bans since it first came out. There's some concern whether this is really Dan Goon or not because he never posted on RPGForums.com about this. However it does work and does add a couple new features.[/u]


mm.bot.5.44 Final Undetectable!

Great bot that runs Pindleskin, Eldritch, Shenk, and Trivancil (Sp?). It also gambles and finds Dclone. Although it requires a lot of script writing, it easilydoes what it says and it revives merc, gets back body etc. Don't forget to add the wait time or you get booted from b.net for making too many

EasyBot 2.0 RC 2 Detectable

Fast bot, but requires EasyPlay Gold.

D2JSP Detectable

Yes there is a hack to make this work online and a YAMB beta/XP/Bomber/Avenger/Private, but the hack only allows it to run online WITHOUT anti-detection. If Blizzard does update Warden you will be banned.


D2Loader v1.11b (Nov_11_2005) Undetectable

As it isn't illegal, it's technically "safe" not "undetectable". What you do have to worry about are the .dlls you inject.

xAim (AutoAim) Undetectable

Autoaim for easy PvP matches.

d2chicken Undetectable

Chicken program that leaves game on high ping, low life, low mana, and if someone declares hostility (all configured by the user).

ilvl Viewer Undetectable

Great program that reads off the D2 memory and shows the ilvl of items.

CD Key Viewer

Pretty self explanatry, it shows the cd key that you installed D2 with. Requires .NET framework.

SOJ Count Reporter Undetectable

Shows the ip of the game in the title of the D2 Window and reports and soj counts. Very useful for dclone hunters.

ATMA 5.05

Icredible single player utility used to mule around items and can detect dupes. Asside from many, many other features, its drop calculator really stands out.

Hero Editor V0.96

Single Player character editor.

Autoit Programs

All are Undetectable

D2 Overhead v1.1

Fun little program that makes the overhead of a char animated.


It shows the ip of the current D2 game you're in at the top left corner of the window/screen.

Portal's Display IP

An Autoit program that displays the ip of the game you're in, inside the D2 text box.

Multi-Hack Version 1.1

The features are: TPPK, Chicken to town (With TP), Auto-party (Use full for baal and chaos games), Pre-cast all skills in one press of a button!

IP Finders

KissCloneHunter Undetectable

This program will help you to find a Diablo II game on Battle.net with a specific IP address. Uses autoit and is based on Snarg's CloneHunter.

D2netstat Undetectable

d2netstat is a simple application written in order to make searching for so called HOT IP easier then it ever was.

F1ndip Undetectable

By far, my favorite Dclone hunter. This small .dll can utilize multiple D2 windows and make them all hunt for dclone and will idle inside the game.


You must now go to the main site and download the dll because of the anti-leech that R1CH put on.

Drop Protection Undetectable

Protection from the Act 2 drop hack.

Spam Filter Undetectable

One of my favorite plugins that blacklists and blocks spam bots.

Torch/Annihilus/Gheeds Ider Undetectable

This tiny program shows the stats of dropped Torches, Annis, and Gheeds.

Drop Notify Undetectable

Notifies you if an item you specify drops.

FTJ Reducer Undetectable

Reduces the time at the FTJ screen greatly.


RGX Mod Undetectable

Safe version changes item colors so they are easily distinguishable from others while the "none safe" version includes the drop hack, game color hack, anti-drop, and some more features. BTW, mods are 100% legal.

Nightlight Mod Undetectable

Primarily a PvP mod that hides many animations that lag D2.

I thought this was really useful. So I am posting it. I did not make this, so I am giving you the source that I got it from.

09-09-2006, 04:08 PM
that's pretyt old considering most of those hacks are proven detectable lol

09-09-2006, 06:42 PM
Did you even goto the source page? That site was updated on Aug. 20, 2006.

09-12-2006, 10:50 AM
what plugins should i delete if im gonna be usin the D2loader.

09-12-2006, 11:22 PM
Did you even goto the source page? That site was updated on Aug. 20, 2006.

I can update a page right now and put out-dated hacks on it. Doesn't make them any less outdated you idiot.

09-13-2006, 12:08 AM
im sure most of those probably steal your accounts through trojans and such