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02-26-2006, 08:14 PM
In this tutorial, I wil show you have to make a multi colored abstract sig. Please enjoy...

1. Open your canvas, I use 400x150 pixels
2. Grab your favorite set of abstract brushes and brush. Heres what I got when I was done:
3. Open your render, (www.gamerenders.com (http://www.gamerenders.com)), and put it into your sig, in the middle, I used this one:
4. Merge the render layer and the brush layer by hitting Ctrl+E.
5. Now, decolorize the whole thing, by hitting Ctrl+Shift+U.
6. You should now have 1 layer, which should be the brush layer and the render layer combined.
7. Hit Ctl+Shift+N to make a new layer.
8. Grab the Gradient Overlay tool (Hit G), and either choose a gradient Photoshop provides, or just make one by playing around or choose the foreground color and the background colors. I just picked a random one, which was this one:
Of course you can choose your own gradient, its also good to choose a gradient that matches the colors of your render.
9. Now that you have the gradiented layer and the sig itself, make sure that you have the gradient layer on top of the sig layer.
10. Set the gradient layer to overlay.

Now to make a border...
1. Hit Ctrl+Shift+N to make a new layer.
2. Grab the rectangular marquee tool (Hit M), and trace around the sig, on the outside.
3. Go to Edit>>Stroke, 1 px, black color (#000000).
4. Hit Ctrl+D to deselect it.
5. Add some text.

As you can see my result below:


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