View Full Version : Signature of the week 5: Horror Theme, Deadline: 2/11

02-04-2006, 04:36 PM
hanged to signature of the month for this term to give those sig makers more time to feel things out and try again.

This week's topic shall be Horror Theme which means doing a sig concerning horror movies, gore, undead, etc..

1. Max dimensions 400 x 200 (200 x 400 in vertical sigs)
2. Min dimensions 200 x 50 (50 x 200 in vertical sigs)
3. Max file size is Unlimited/ No animation
4. The sig MUST be your own work
6. No pornography/racism
7. Staff May Enter
8. All entered sigs must be viewable on the due date to be judged. If any problems do occur Akazukin will edit your post giving you details of any rule breakages.
9. Must have 10 posts to enter.
10. You are not allowed to enter the same sig in different SOTW's.
11. One sig per person.
12. Sig must be based on the topic, if there is no relation between the topic and sig. Entry will be DQ'd

Entrys must be in the same format as this.


Edit: Sotm 4 winner was JLTucker, prize will be sent in the next 5 minutes.

02-04-2006, 06:16 PM
:O I'll have to start remembering stuff...I haven't made a sig in quite a while :/: