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12-14-2005, 09:08 PM
NOTE:Questions of the day closed for one(1) week due to x-mas or until I get back from my mom's :D

Top 3 Contestants:

This thread is for the winners of my questions of the day. My signature is running out of characters really fast and I can't hardly keep up with some of you answering so fast, *cough*Megaz and gampin!*cough*. So I'm restarting my signature winners. However the numbers will start from where they left off, if the last winner was number 7. then the new numbers will start out at 8. Good luck on answering the new and up comming questions!

Here is the legend I have been following:
The color Red is for first time winners/the first time the winner got a question right.
The color Blue if for second time winners.
The color Yellow if for third time winners.
The color Dark Orange if for fourth time winners.
The color Lime is for fifth time winners.
The color Cyan if for sixth time winners.
The color Magenta if for jesus.

Round 1 winners end date: 9:05PM December 14, 2005
1. [Kc]Dan
2. gamepin126
3. Megaz
4. ieatcheese
5. gamepin126
6. gamepin126/Megaz
7. Megaz/Keneda/Silent_Gen.Gian

Round 2 winners end date:
8. gamepin126
9. Training-Name/nova587
10. Keneda