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12-07-2005, 02:01 PM
This is the funniest replay ever. No one had on replay with text, so half of the enjoyment will be missed...but you can still view it.

Basically, me and gamepin were going to bs. We're playing and we killed off red. Now teal had decided that he wanted to stay alive. So basically..he was our SC slave. It was funny. I made him build me a dt jail "Build me a jail made out of dt's with a zealot in the middle. It appeases me so. Chop chop teal! Or purple gets it!" And then we killed purple because teal was ignorant and it took him too long with the jail. It was funny lawl.

And then gamepin had teal kill blue. And teal gladly did. Oh, and just so things are straight:

Sorry you have to download it, but it's worth it. ;) Also, the replay is attached.

12-07-2005, 02:08 PM
Zomg log h4x!

[12:57:51] Entering game: 7v1c!!
Map name: Fa§te§t Map_-PERFECTED-_
[12:58:27] rms41588: whats up
[12:58:33] DISASM_ASSASIN: nm]\
[12:58:35] PetitBruno: no bsing k
[12:58:41] stressedlotr: lawl
[12:58:42] l(et)s_G0: kk
[12:58:50] Cromet]WoC[: k
[12:58:50] Cromet]WoC[: go
[12:58:50] rms41588: ight
[12:58:54] stressedlotr: Hey did m00k make this map?
[12:58:54] PetitBruno: w
[12:58:54] PetitBruno: ee
[12:58:55] PetitBruno: ew
[12:58:56] Playing game...
Players: Cromet]WoC[ (Protoss, red), l(et)s_G0 (Protoss, teal), PetitBruno (Terran, blue), Grendel Brood (Zerg, brown), DISASM_ASSASIN (Zerg, yellow), rms41588 (Protoss, purple), stressedlotr (Zerg, white)
[12:59:17] stressedlotr: Did mook make this map?
[12:59:21] DISASM_ASSASIN: I have no idea
[12:59:40] l(et)s_G0: umm ally?
[12:59:41] PetitBruno: all allies k
[12:59:47] Cromet]WoC[: give me the vision
[12:59:55] PetitBruno: i did
[12:59:57] Cromet]WoC[: alli me
[12:59:59] stressedlotr: am i allied now?
[13:00:01] PetitBruno: i did
[13:00:05] DISASM_ASSASIN: I'm allied with everyone, just don't wanna vision
[13:00:06] stressedlotr: i dont know what to do
[13:00:13] stressedlotr: this is my second day playing
[13:00:17] rms41588: so am i
[13:00:17] stressedlotr: i got the game yesterday =(
[13:00:25] l(et)s_G0: yellow. . .
[13:00:36] DISASM_ASSASIN: I'm allied, just don't wanna vision.
[13:00:40] l(et)s_G0: y
[13:00:45] DISASM_ASSASIN: Do I need a reason?
[13:00:53] l(et)s_G0: cause
[13:00:57] l(et)s_G0: i dont wanna get killed
[13:01:10] l(et)s_G0: plus
[13:01:14] l(et)s_G0: i wanna know where comp is
[13:01:20] DISASM_ASSASIN: mid right
[13:01:26] l(et)s_G0: how ya no?
[13:01:28] DISASM_ASSASIN: awe...
[13:01:28] DISASM_ASSASIN: red
[13:01:31] DISASM_ASSASIN: tsk tsk tsk
[13:01:40] Cromet]WoC[: yellow alli me
[13:01:42] Cromet]WoC[: now
[13:01:44] PetitBruno: if any1 is gettin killed go 2 allies base k
[13:01:45] DISASM_ASSASIN: I did.
[13:01:49] l(et)s_G0: yellow vision
[13:01:54] DISASM_ASSASIN: shut the hell up.
[13:01:59] DISASM_ASSASIN: Maybe I don't want to vision.
[13:02:01] PetitBruno: me
[13:02:11] stressedlotr: just leave him be guys
[13:02:17] stressedlotr: its not like he can do anything
[13:02:20] stressedlotr: if he does we can kill him
[13:02:23] rms41588: ok
[13:02:27] <From: stressedlotr> hopefully that will get them off you back
[13:02:33] <To: your friends> rawr <3
[13:02:39] <From: stressedlotr> <3
[13:02:39] l(et)s_G0: wow
[13:02:41] Cromet]WoC[: laggy
[13:02:47] rms41588: who is it and i will in alli thim
[13:02:50] l(et)s_G0: every 7v1 i get bsed
[13:03:06] <From: stressedlotr> LAWL EVERY 7v!! He's right!
[13:03:08] <From: stressedlotr> lol
[13:03:12] DISASM_ASSASIN: I guess the logical thing would be to stop going to them?
[13:03:23] l(et)s_G0: true
[13:03:47] l(et)s_G0: im sending a zealot to mid right
[13:03:52] rms41588: who in the hell is laggin
[13:03:59] stressedlotr: It showed blue for me.
[13:04:07] stressedlotr: oops I mean..
[13:04:14] stressedlotr: it sh0w3d blu fo me
[13:05:52] DISASM_ASSASIN: having fun blue?
[13:06:03] Cromet]WoC[: yellow alli me?
[13:06:07] DISASM_ASSASIN: I did.
[13:06:12] stressedlotr: Did you miss our conversation earlier?
[13:06:16] Cromet]WoC[: yes or now
[13:06:23] stressedlotr: He doesn't want to give vision. If he bses, we can kill him.
[13:09:08] l(et)s_G0: yelow
[13:09:11] DISASM_ASSASIN: ?
[13:09:11] l(et)s_G0: did u attack brown
[13:09:15] DISASM_ASSASIN: not yet
[13:09:19] l(et)s_G0: kk
[13:11:14] <To: your friends> uni, watch this uber nydus secks.
[13:11:19] <To: your friends> wehn I get done building it
[13:11:24] <From: stressedlotr> mmkay
[13:11:33] rms41588: the comp is right next 2 me
[13:11:44] DISASM_ASSASIN: I'm gonna kill mid right....
[13:12:03] <To: your friends> watchin uni?
[13:12:12] <From: stressedlotr> ya
[13:12:16] <From: stressedlotr> whats it gonna do?
[13:12:32] PetitBruno: go
[13:12:40] Cromet]WoC[: wait
[13:12:40] stressedlotr: What the ****?
[13:12:46] stressedlotr: Can you build on it?
[13:12:51] DISASM_ASSASIN: no
[13:12:55] l(et)s_G0: brown attacked me
[13:12:57] stressedlotr: But **** still
[13:13:03] stressedlotr: That's damn sexksy
[13:13:05] DISASM_ASSASIN: stupid bitch drone
[13:13:25] PetitBruno: no dont
[13:13:35] l(et)s_G0: dont what
[13:13:44] PetitBruno: nvm
[13:13:54] DISASM_ASSASIN: lol
[13:14:25] DISASM_ASSASIN: mission accomplished :D
[13:14:32] stressedlotr: :)
[13:14:33] DISASM_ASSASIN: now watch
[13:14:38] DISASM_ASSASIN: rawr
[13:14:43] stressedlotr: WTF?
[13:14:51] stressedlotr: Oh lmao
[13:15:00] DISASM_ASSASIN: shoulda made a second one....
[13:15:02] stressedlotr: THat's ****ing sexy.
[13:15:08] DISASM_ASSASIN: I know, isn't it?
[13:15:09] l(et)s_G0: what?
[13:15:23] DISASM_ASSASIN: I was jsut showing white my leetness
[13:15:30] l(et)s_G0: oh
[13:15:41] stressedlotr: Oh he says.
[13:15:43] stressedlotr: Oh he says!
[13:15:49] DISASM_ASSASIN: god damnit
[13:15:56] l(et)s_G0: may i view ur leetness
[13:15:59] PetitBruno: y
[13:16:02] DISASM_ASSASIN: it's already done wtih
[13:16:13] stressedlotr: Teh lurk
[13:16:17] DISASM_ASSASIN: stay out of my base blue
[13:16:22] PetitBruno: k
[13:16:53] l(et)s_G0: nice red
[13:16:59] l(et)s_G0: i like the setup
[13:19:17] <To: your friends> get ready to go after red
[13:19:22] <To: your friends> he'll go first
[13:19:25] <From: stressedlotr> 1 sec
[13:19:30] <From: stressedlotr> give me 1 min
[13:19:33] <From: stressedlotr> almost done with army
[13:20:03] DISASM_ASSASIN: red
[13:20:05] DISASM_ASSASIN: get the **** oiut
[13:20:12] Cromet]WoC[: k
[13:21:48] PetitBruno: kill red
[13:21:52] PetitBruno: nvm
[13:22:01] stressedlotr: lawl blue's one to talk
[13:22:18] <From: stressedlotr> Is this the game I said I bought sc yesterday?
[13:22:28] <To: your friends> yup, i think?
[13:22:38] <From: stressedlotr> mmkay thanks
[13:22:42] l(et)s_G0: hey yellow
[13:22:45] <From: stressedlotr> i forgot i couldnt call them n00bs
[13:22:45] DISASM_ASSASIN: ello
[13:22:46] PetitBruno: kill yellow
[13:22:48] DISASM_ASSASIN: wtf
[13:22:49] l(et)s_G0: dont build i my base
[13:22:52] DISASM_ASSASIN: blue shut the hell up
[13:22:53] <From: stressedlotr> because im the worst sc player
[13:22:58] DISASM_ASSASIN: it's just a drone...
[13:23:08] DISASM_ASSASIN: promise I won't build
[13:23:10] DISASM_ASSASIN: and it'll stay burried
[13:23:15] l(et)s_G0: nope
[13:23:20] DISASM_ASSASIN: mmk...
[13:23:24] l(et)s_G0: an overlord will
[13:23:26] Cromet]WoC[: yellow victory on
[13:23:29] l(et)s_G0: u can have an overlord
[13:23:32] Cromet]WoC[: NOW
[13:23:39] <To: your friends> damn noobs...
[13:24:18] <From: stressedlotr> can i kill red now? u ready or not?
[13:24:23] <To: your friends> go for it.
[13:24:34] <To: your friends> I wanna nydus teal
[13:24:39] stressedlotr: red wtf is your problem w/ yellow?
[13:24:48] stressedlotr: you seem obsessed that he's bsing
[13:24:52] stressedlotr: you're the one bsing huh?
[13:24:59] stressedlotr: man, **** this im not standing around
[13:25:24] l(et)s_G0: im not a bser
[13:25:27] Cromet]WoC[: yellow alli victory on NOW!
[13:25:30] stressedlotr: SEE
[13:25:35] stressedlotr: THERE YU GO AGAIN
[13:25:39] stressedlotr: God..red you ****ing bser
[13:25:49] DISASM_ASSASIN: how can you see my ally status huh?
[13:25:55] l(et)s_G0: its a download
[13:25:58] DISASM_ASSASIN: if you could see at all, you'd see purple doesn't have ally vic on.
[13:26:00] l(et)s_G0: its called ally checker
[13:26:03] DISASM_ASSASIN: I mean, jeez, it's obvious.
[13:26:29] rms41588: wtf y havent we won
[13:26:37] stressedlotr: Cuz red was planning on bsing us
[13:26:39] DISASM_ASSASIN: you forgot to turn on ally vic, that's why
[13:26:58] rms41588: he is alli with me yellow isent allid
[13:26:59] PetitBruno: kill red now
[13:27:19] rms41588: yellow alli me
[13:27:25] DISASM_ASSASIN: I am.
[13:27:37] Cromet]WoC[: what?
[13:28:07] <To: your friends> watch this white
[13:28:10] l(et)s_G0: im not a bser
[13:28:22] rms41588: red y wont u alli any1
[13:28:23] l(et)s_G0: im scared **** to bs
[13:28:41] <To: your friends> lawl, i love this exploit
[13:29:26] l(et)s_G0: damn yellow
[13:29:28] l(et)s_G0: nice
[13:29:30] DISASM_ASSASIN: rawr
[13:30:21] stressedlotr: teal wtf are you doing?
[13:30:27] stressedlotr: Why so many stargates?
[13:30:31] l(et)s_G0: hey mabn
[13:30:34] l(et)s_G0: ill kill them
[13:30:38] l(et)s_G0: i dont want a fight
[13:30:45] stressedlotr: Oh yeah
[13:30:47] stressedlotr: That's it
[13:30:54] l(et)s_G0: im scared
[13:31:06] l(et)s_G0: shall i kill them for you
[13:31:14] stressedlotr: No..?
[13:31:17] stressedlotr: I asked a question.
[13:31:18] <To: your friends> lawl, teal is cool
[13:31:45] stressedlotr: Amuse me teal!
[13:31:47] <To: your friends> ZOMG
[13:31:54] <To: your friends> i CAN DO IT WITH A DRONE IN MY OVERLORD
[13:31:56] <To: your friends> ZOMG SECKS
[13:31:57] <From: stressedlotr> He's like my little slave. It's fun. :)
[13:32:01] <From: stressedlotr> Damn sexy
[13:32:47] l(et)s_G0: can i have a pet zergling
[13:32:54] DISASM_ASSASIN: lol
[13:33:06] stressedlotr: I want you to make a prison out of dt's.
[13:33:10] stressedlotr: Then entrap a zealot.
[13:33:13] stressedlotr: It amuses me so.
[13:33:15] stressedlotr: Chop chop teal.
[13:33:18] l(et)s_G0: kk
[13:33:24] <From: stressedlotr> LAWL
[13:33:40] l(et)s_G0: where do you want it
[13:33:44] rms41588: yellow u still havent allid me
[13:33:45] stressedlotr: Anywhere is fine.,
[13:33:47] PetitBruno: who doesnt have cable
[13:34:00] rms41588: i have cabel
[13:34:24] PetitBruno: who do not have cable
[13:34:40] <To: your friends> watch this...
[13:34:43] stressedlotr: Teal, for your ignorance, and not making a dt jail.
[13:34:44] rms41588: i dunno but some1 is laging like a bitch
[13:34:47] stressedlotr: I must no kll purple.
[13:34:49] l(et)s_G0: im making one
[13:34:56] l(et)s_G0: no dont kill purple
[13:34:58] l(et)s_G0: im movibng
[13:35:04] rms41588: yea dont kill me
[13:35:16] <From: stressedlotr> I'd make such a mean ruler
[13:35:19] <From: stressedlotr> lawl j/k
[13:35:22] rms41588: man wtf
[13:35:25] <From: stressedlotr> I don't want to kill teal.
[13:35:31] <To: your friends> me neither
[13:35:35] l(et)s_G0: jail done
[13:35:47] stressedlotr: It amuses me so!
[13:35:48] stressedlotr: :)
[13:35:55] stressedlotr: Thanks.
[13:36:00] <To: your friends> EFFING RAWR
[13:36:01] rms41588: man come on
[13:36:08] stressedlotr: You can thank teal.
[13:36:14] l(et)s_G0: yellow
[13:36:15] <To: your friends> zomg
[13:36:16] stressedlotr: He didn't make the jail. :-/
[13:36:19] l(et)s_G0: how do u do that
[13:36:30] rms41588: man **** teal
[13:36:31] <To: your friends> hm...
[13:36:32] l(et)s_G0: look
[13:36:37] l(et)s_G0: i did
[13:36:40] stressedlotr: I'm sorry purple
[13:36:42] stressedlotr: Yes, I know
[13:36:47] stressedlotr: And thou shall be spared for it.
[13:36:51] stressedlotr: But as for purple..
[13:36:54] stressedlotr: He's too late.
[13:36:55] stressedlotr: :-/
[13:37:04] rms41588: man thats ****ed up
[13:37:04] <From: stressedlotr> dont kill teal :(
[13:37:21] DISASM_ASSASIN: stupid purple
[13:37:25] DISASM_ASSASIN: why did you not ally vic?
[13:37:32] rms41588: i did
[13:38:07] stressedlotr: NOOO
[13:38:09] stressedlotr: MY DT JAIL!
[13:38:17] l(et)s_G0: its reforming
[13:38:21] stressedlotr: Oh okay.
[13:38:26] <From: stressedlotr> LAWL
[13:38:29] l(et)s_G0: want more space
[13:38:30] l(et)s_G0: ?>
[13:38:32] l(et)s_G0: or enclosed
[13:38:39] stressedlotr: A bigger jail.
[13:38:43] stressedlotr: So the zealot can walk around.
[13:38:52] <From: stressedlotr> Gamepin don;'t kill teal.
[13:38:53] l(et)s_G0: d archon is door
[13:39:11] DISASM_ASSASIN: say "gamepin126 and Uniquely Defined are starcraft godz"
[13:39:15] DISASM_ASSASIN: when the text goes away
[13:39:21] rms41588: y in the **** u want 2 kill me 4
[13:39:23] l(et)s_G0: gamepin126
[13:39:31] stressedlotr: No no all in one line
[13:39:35] stressedlotr: when text goes away
[13:39:41] DISASM_ASSASIN: gamepin126 and uniquely defined are starcraft gods
[13:39:44] DISASM_ASSASIN: say that
[13:39:47] rms41588: wtf
[13:39:55] l(et)s_G0: gamepin126 and uniqely defined are starcraft godz
[13:40:01] DISASM_ASSASIN: thank you
[13:40:01] l(et)s_G0: spelled uniqely qrong sorry
[13:40:07] stressedlotr: Thank you.
[13:40:25] PetitBruno: u bsers
[13:40:29] DISASM_ASSASIN: <3
[13:40:41] <From: stressedlotr> save a replay of this
[13:40:42] l(et)s_G0: may i walk out alive?
[13:40:49] stressedlotr: Yep.
[13:40:52] stressedlotr: :)
[13:41:00] l(et)s_G0: ty
[13:41:02] DISASM_ASSASIN: kill blue teal
[13:41:12] PetitBruno: no
[13:41:17] stressedlotr: I'll scrifice my jail for a better cause.
[13:41:30] stressedlotr: Teal, thou shal be smitten less you kill blue
[13:41:40] l(et)s_G0: he lifted
[13:41:43] stressedlotr: It's okay.
[13:41:45] PetitBruno: stop
[13:41:46] stressedlotr: Sair is doing fine.
[13:41:47] stressedlotr: No rush.
[13:41:57] <From: stressedlotr> LAWL THIS IS AWESOME
[13:42:04] l(et)s_G0: 3 more sairs helpers coming
[13:42:05] DISASM_ASSASIN: I forgot rwt...
[13:42:06] <From: stressedlotr> But seriously don't bs teal.
[13:42:17] DISASM_ASSASIN: unally him teal
[13:42:25] DISASM_ASSASIN: good
[13:42:28] stressedlotr: OMG ME TOO
[13:42:29] stressedlotr: I FORGOT
[13:42:30] PetitBruno: bb
[13:42:32] PetitBruno: b
[13:42:37] stressedlotr: ****
[13:42:41] l(et)s_G0: zealot jail lives!!
[13:42:47] stressedlotr: My dt jail!
[13:42:57] DISASM_ASSASIN: rawr

12-07-2005, 02:12 PM
That was so ownage. :)

12-07-2005, 02:54 PM
Lmao this is funny.