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11-23-2005, 07:19 PM
Ok.Im not really one to make mods but i LOVE to use them.I have a few questions about mods.My first one is, "Is there any way to use mods on b.net?I Just downloaded the firezerg and SCV rockets ones and i wanted to use them on B.net to make Zergling blood and Turret D better.But when ever they go to attack i get dropped fro mthe game."My second question is"How can i use more than 1 mod at a time during the game.So far i can only use 1 at a time.Please help me with this.If you have aol or AIM caould you please IM me with the answers pelase.:cry: :cry:

11-23-2005, 07:29 PM
You can have mods on b-net as long as everyone in the game has them too.

11-23-2005, 09:01 PM
That answeres one of my questions what about the other one?

11-23-2005, 10:37 PM
If you have the MPQ files, then you can use MPQDraft to run them both. I don't know what will happen if they conflict with each other (i.e. One gives Zealot 50 Attack other gives Zealot rockets with 20 attack) because I never tried it like that. But any way that is one way to do it.

11-23-2005, 11:08 PM
When I get back home I'll post the MPQ's and you can load them with MPQDraft.