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  1. [Java] JNI Hacking Interface
  2. [Starcraft] Overcoming DLL Injection Issues
  3. [C++] Code hooking class
  4. [Source] Drawing Static Text and Windows for Diablo v1.09b
  5. [Source] TextOut Function for Warcraft 3 v1.22
  6. [Source] Game State Checking for Warcraft 3 v1.21
  7. [Source] Transparent Pane Drawing for Starcraft v1.15.2
  8. [StarCraft] Lockdown CheckRevision Source
  9. [Starcraft] New color codes
  10. [WarCraft III] Unitcode Reference
  11. [Starcraft] Printing to the Screen
  12. [Source] Creating a Bitmap Font for Starcraft v1.15.2
  13. [WarCraft III] Say Function(local) (v1.21)
  14. Maphack Tutorial Series
  15. [Source] Exhale Interface for Starcraft v1.15.2
  16. WC3 1.22 MH
  17. [Warcraft III] Game State Checking 1.22
  18. [Starcraft] Custom Clientside Color Text
  19. [Starcraft] Input Handling Function
  20. [Source] Zero Maphack v7.x.x for Warcraft 3 v1.21b
  21. [Starcraft] Getting the width of a string
  22. [Source] GDI Library Bot for World of Warcraft
  23. [Starcraft] Command Engine with arguments.
  24. [MASM] Incomplete FreeImage Include
  25. [C++ Template] Homegrownpeas' C++ DLL Template
  26. [C++] Class for reversing any program
  27. [C++] The Updated Exodus Hack Template
  28. [C++] GameProcess class for simplifying game hacking
  29. [Starcraft/MASM] Kacow source
  30. [MASM] PEMap
  31. [Starcraft/VB] Cobra Spoofer v2.0 Source Coding
  32. Nexuiz Source Code
  33. JumpPatching made easy
  34. [C++ Source] Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete (Unlimited Walk & Free Building)
  35. [mASM Routine] String Copy
  36. [C++] Custom Battle.net Ad graphic
  37. WC3 1.23 MH (opensource)
  38. A.P.R.O.N 1.15.1 Source
  39. [Source] Experience Bar and Combat Text for Diablo v1.09b
  40. Python Chk (starcraft map) Reader
  41. [StarCraft 1.16.1] Basic GUI + Source
  42. YAWR - Yet another WoW radar
  43. RemoteActionEngine
  44. Optimized Functions
  45. Emulator Code
  46. [C++] Automated Dungeons and Dragons Dice Bag Program
  47. Insect loader plus c++ code.
  48. [StarCraft] ZMulticommand Source (C++)
  49. KcPEcrypt source code
  50. [Warcraft] Chat Function 1.24b, other stuff...
  51. [mASM] Warcraft III Game-State Checking
  52. [mASM] Print DLL Base Address
  53. Writing a Maphack for WarCraft 3 1.24d [mAsm]
  54. [SOURCE] Invisible Units = RED and Grey HP Under Fog
  55. Change exe to a dll
  56. Terminal based rpn calculator
  57. Injection Stub for ActiveX Librarys + Stuff
  58. Debug Console
  59. Memory Pools