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  1. Creating/Deleting Folders, Deleting Files, ect. WITH VB6
  2. Languages
  3. [C++] Simple CD Eject/Insert
  4. [C#] Injecting a dll too soon?
  5. [ASM]Useful proggy if u switch between making DLL's and EXE's alot
  6. how do i use sendmessage w/ vb6?
  7. [VB6] modMemory.bas w/ Debug Privileges (for SC/BW v1.15+) + KEY Grabber Tutorial
  8. C++ Help Please
  9. C++ nooby help
  10. Want to learn some C++
  11. is their any model of a c++ program that could be illustrated here by ANYONE please?
  12. Arrays in VB
  13. VB6 Installing Help
  14. Good way to read/write INI in c++
  15. how do i compile a .dll?
  16. Whats wrong with this code?
  17. protect source code?
  18. Calculating Pi in C++ with a for loop
  19. Memory Editor Program
  20. [VB] Shortest code with only 2 API calls for moving a windows form w/o titlebar
  21. C++ question
  22. starcraft hack programming help.
  23. quick question
  24. What can i do with vb.net ? (dll injection?)
  25. GetAsyncKeyState help
  26. Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition
  27. Creating a Search Provider for MSDN in Internet Explorer 7
  28. [Memory Hacking] Save time!
  29. [Warcraft 3] Patch Module VERY USEFUL!
  30. IDE Woes.
  31. [C++/CLI] Using native functions in managed code.
  32. The Daily WTF, Tales from the Interview [Jan 07, 2008]
  33. UnhookWindowsHookEx keeps failing, and GetLastError keeps returning 0...
  34. Need help for VB6
  35. Programming TI-84 Plus
  36. Article on Game-Hacking Prevention by Developers
  37. Fibonacci Numbers - C++/Java Iterative Solutions (just for kicks)
  38. I would like to start hacking
  39. vb6 ReadProcessMemory
  40. Whats the best computer programming language to learn first?
  41. About the IAT
  42. [ASM] simple questions about hacking sc in asm
  43. Runtime Components
  44. [ASM] will not work, i dont get it
  45. Help with C++ programing
  46. [C++/CLI] Registry Configurator Class
  47. [C++/CLI] Windows Hooks with .NET
  48. Enlisting all non useless users.
  49. Possible?
  50. [asm] need help with stat hack
  51. Jakor's Game Hacking School
  52. Help with args string [c#]
  53. [C++ Tutorial] Writing a PlaceDetour Function
  54. [C++] Errors
  55. C++ Send keys/commands
  56. Load settings from a configfile
  57. Should i always push/pop ?
  58. How to get base address of a program.
  59. ASM Error
  60. New Project, Big Bucks if goes to plan!
  61. Writing to the screen of a game
  62. .NET OS Discussion
  63. new project
  64. Solaris Discussion
  65. Very basic c++ tutorial
  66. Assembly learning curve?
  67. pause() in Lua?
  68. Drawing with DirectX
  69. [asm] writing a jmppatch to broodwar
  70. Need a bit of help.
  71. Visual C++ DLL
  72. PHP Coders Needed
  73. Can my .dll's be injected into windows Vista?
  74. Help wit my ASM problem ploxx <3
  75. Help with MASM?
  76. Help with division in Assember :|
  77. Independent game development tools
  78. Access Violation
  79. AIM Library?
  80. [Java] Write char[] to Process memory
  81. [asm] starcraft text input handling
  82. Ideas thread
  83. XNA Announces Multiplayer Games for Zune
  84. Help with basic asm
  85. XNA 3.0 CTP
  86. [online book] Core Algorithms
  87. How to do this(C++)
  88. FindWindow problem in MSVC++ Express
  89. ReadProcessMemory() Question
  90. Starcraft Program Help
  91. need help with ASM
  92. Your programming language
  93. Preferences for character design.
  94. 2 Virtual Keys for 1 Action
  95. C++ Problem
  96. [VB6] Easy Winsock Question
  97. [asm] configuration file errors
  98. .exe interacting with HTTP
  99. [asm] Writing Line Break to a file
  100. Memory Searcher/Editor
  101. Trying to learn how to program
  102. C++ alternative
  103. Forwarding Ports
  104. Vararg functions in masm
  105. Alpha Test Fortress.dll
  106. Java supernub
  107. ReadProcessMemory problem
  108. Zune: Developers! Developers! Developers!
  109. Need Starcraft Brood war Text Draw Function
  110. Any recommendations to learning Perl?
  111. Getting player names gone wrong
  112. Why would ReadProcessMemory fail on XP but not Vista?
  113. Send packets to the client
  114. [ASM]Jumps to labels inside If Statements
  115. The single most insightful article ever about asking for programming help.
  116. Help with C++
  117. making a Wordlist (for bruteforcing)
  118. how to get the base adress of a programm
  119. SendMessage CB_GETLBTEXT
  120. While compiling
  121. Learnig C+
  122. Project: Building your own robot
  123. Problem with irc bot ( c++ )
  124. Creating directorys...
  125. question good experment for some1
  126. Help with DLL Injection...
  127. If I edit memory and..
  128. Help with GnuPG
  129. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Programming Help
  130. how to hook recv in Warcraft3
  131. [Idea] Imeem downloader
  132. Torque game engine
  133. About AcceptEx Function
  134. Random Passwording System Idea
  135. I need some help w/ c++ please :)
  136. stdio vs iostream?
  137. Problem with c++ dll..
  138. help pls
  139. help again.
  140. [C++] DLL Injection
  141. Tips on programming
  142. [VB6] Plugin Engine Source Code
  143. [C++] Memory Writing
  144. Need someone to repost an old ZIP archive from the index.
  145. [C++] Suspending Remote Threads
  146. Finished Screen Hack
  147. [C++] Drawing on screen?
  148. New Screen Hack
  149. Hooking infromation (c++)
  150. network latency
  151. Starcraft programmed bot idea
  152. Hey, I am having an issue with my code.
  153. how to turn off my pc?
  154. autoit help
  155. How To: make a name spoofer
  156. [C++] iTunes COM Interface Troubles
  157. Problems with GetWindowThreadProcess in ASM
  158. [mASM] Problem with WriteProcessMemory
  159. Issues with a DLL Injector
  160. Adobe Releases "Alchemy", a "C/C++ to Flash" Compiler
  161. [VB6]How to find thread name form thread id
  162. msvcrt.lib
  163. fresh proxy list updated every few seconds
  164. IRC Botlending Project
  165. [PHP] Writing to a .INI file?
  166. DLL Injection/Hooking
  167. Java mouse click
  168. C# .NET not running
  169. Party Poker Table spammer macro
  170. Anyone good with LUA?
  171. Request Help
  172. Missing RxCtl.dpl
  173. Programming question
  174. GetProcAddress throwing error 127 (ERROR_PROC_NOT_FOUND) - Can't figure out why...
  175. masm & artmoney help pls.
  176. mASM Structures (Mouse Proc Function)
  177. Communication between dll an exe
  178. Circle Drawing routine mASM
  179. java compiler
  180. C++ Timer
  181. Generating a percentage value in Masm?
  182. Learn PHP (the videos)
  183. Microsoft Small Basic
  184. Windows' sendmessage()
  185. ACSL Reversi Java
  186. Simple java problem
  187. Strange tunneling issues
  188. How to call function that modifies stackpointer?
  189. iGoogle gadget help
  190. 'memcpy' and it's brethren officially declared deprecated on Windows platforms.
  191. IT World: Programming rituals work.
  192. Word list generator?
  193. Need C++ Help
  194. Easy FTP upload API?
  195. Screenshots in PNG/JPEG? Feasible?
  196. [Request] Limewire killer!
  197. [VC++] Debug Assertion Error
  198. C++ Open "Browse" window from batch-style application?
  199. Converting string into virtual key code
  200. Help with installing Hooks
  201. DirectX 5 SDK.
  202. Text drawing...on game screen
  203. TF2-style Hello World
  204. Issues sorting Listview with ListView_SortItemsEx
  205. How to loop in assembly (Help)
  206. Making a RichEdit2.0 control Read Only?
  207. Wait, what?
  208. Java hacking?
  209. WinDbg Extensions
  210. Help with Multi-Dimensional-Arrays in VB6
  211. mASM halp =)
  212. [mASM] Need help with function
  213. mASM String manipulation
  214. Making my exe attach to starcraft?
  215. Warcraft Overlay
  216. CreateRemoteThread
  217. [C/C++] Stack overflow as a result of infinite recursion...
  218. Windows, Threads, and Sleep.
  219. C++ Programming Help Needed
  220. [Logic] radiating test for valid diagonal collisions
  221. [C++] SendMessage() always failing.
  222. challenging mathematical/computer programming problems
  223. started to program....again
  224. multiplying numbers
  225. [Urgent] Need Java programmer!
  226. Anyone developing iPhone apps?
  227. C++ Change Application name dynamically
  228. Linker broken
  229. Is anyone here familiar with win api?
  230. can someone please explain what this segment of code is saying?(C++/WinAPI)
  231. Hacking Questions and C++
  232. QBasic Left$ ?
  233. Algorithms Competition
  234. Java homework help
  235. Omegle Chat Room
  236. Anyone done XNA dev'ing?
  237. Can I make the upper case Sigma character by itself on a TI 84?
  238. Get computer name from DOS
  239. ms access
  240. What have you been working on lately?
  241. Converting the Point-Slope formula to the Slope-Intercept form of a linear equation
  242. Most business oriented programming language
  243. C# and databases
  244. SQLite Questions
  245. OffWorld Tanks
  246. Best way to create a custom dynamic sized stack?
  247. objective c
  248. Im saying it again
  249. Working on some rudimentary pretty printing in the console for binary trees.